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“Annuities: A Tale of Two Retirements” is Launched by Annuity Think Tank

Annuity Think Tank, an independent educational group focused on annuities and retirement income, has launched a lighthearted yet educational article highlighting the importance of performing due diligence before making a final decision on a specific annuity type.

As we all know, there will never be a single one-size-fits-all retirement planning tool that is a perfect fit for everyone.  Each individual has unique needs and risk tolerances that should be specifically addressed, and education is the key to unlocking optimal retirement plans.  Fully embracing this belief, Annuity Think Tank has published yet another educational article emphasizing the importance of performing adequate due diligence prior to making a decision on annuities.

This education article is a lighthearted story following two retirees who are similar in all accounts other than their propensity to gather facts, ask questions, and make fully informed decisions.  Although the one who comes out most favorable in the end is obvious, the unfortunate fact is that many people fall into the unfavorable category by simply getting sold on what has been described as “the best product on the market” by their salesman (I mean financial advisor or insurance agent).  Although a vast majority of financial advisors and insurance agents truly put 100% of their efforts into helping their clients, some cannot help allowing their personal interests to creep into the picture.  Either way, it is always best to be fully informed prior to making any big decisions regardless of the nature.

Click here (retirement case study) to view the article.

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