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Payout Factor

Choosing an Annuity? What Rate is Most Important: Bonus, Roll-up, Pay-out, Caps?

John P. Grimes

In the years before Indexed annuities were offered (pre 1995), fixed annuities had only one rate you needed to know to compare policies; the fixed interest rate. Assuming the companies had similar financial strength ratings it was pretty easy to pick the best annuity for your needs: Who was offering the highest interest rate? Fortunately (or unfortunately if you long for simpler times), annuities today come with many moving parts. Riders that provide guaranteed lifetime income, long term care benefits and enhanced death benefits are...

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What Annuities and Apple Juice Have in Common (Advanced Annuity Review)

Rob Brinkman

In this video, you will learn some advanced annuity concepts, the pros and cons of annuities, and why annuities are similar to apples in the fact that there is only so much juice you can squeeze from each product. Given the large amount of Index Annuities available for investors, the average consumer can quickly get overwhelmed.  This educational video walks the viewer through the different variables and how they affect one another inside an annuity contract. This educational video explains (in a very detailed, yet...

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