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Annuity Rates, Caps, and Fees

Provided By: The Annuity Guys

“What are your best annuity rates?” This is how about 50% of our phone calls from website visitors start out after they visited

As independent advisors, fortunately, we are able to offer our clients the best fit from dozens of companies including those with the highest rates, best caps and lowest fees. So, if you find an annuity with the best guaranteed rate, the highest cap and the lowest fee, you have found the best annuity – right? Probably not. We do not believe that one perfect annuity exists for achieving the most common retirement objectives.

There may be a best choice to accomplish a chosen goal with one specific annuity, whether it be growing money safely and consistently; generating a secure and increasing income; or passing wealth to children. However, trying to use one annuity when three are actually needed often causes frustration in looking for that one best annuity solution.

Watch as the Annuity Guys extol the benefits of annuities – how the increases in rates, caps and lower fees might impact your retirement choices.

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