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Annuity123 Named as an Influential Resource for Financial Professionals

Retirement EducationOver the recent years, the internet has become an increasingly important tool to many Americans. Many of us actually rely on it for many of our daily needs such as communicating with friends/family, shopping for nationwide discounts on needed items, and in researching topics of interest.

Given this increased reliance, it is no surprise that the business community must embrace the power of the internet to be able to reach out to the increasingly expanding online community. Many websites have been created for the benefit of financial professionals. A recent survey was released by Annuity Think Tank which highlights the top 25 most influential and important websites for the financial professional community. In this survey titled Top 25 Online Resources for Financial Professionals, Annuity123 was given accolades for being the first baby boomer and retirement income specialist matching service. Although a relatively new website, it has proven to be successful in helping financial professionals reach out to consumers in the ever-growing online community who are seeking guidance in their retirement planning.

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