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Annuity Basics

Who Is Suggesting Your Annuity?

Cody Lewis

I don’t think I have received more questions or have seen as much confusion as I have concerning annuities and life insurance. For today’s discussion, we are going to focus on annuities – how they’re sold, how they’re bought, and what is important when buying not just annuities, but any financial product or service. The only product that may be more confusing to understand and explain than annuities is life insurance. They are similar in many ways, but most notably that they are both insurance...

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A Look Inside Wall Street

Erick Jon Arnett

So consider this source: I am an independent advisor, and I have been in the industry for 15 years. I have worked for big banks, small banks, a retail brokerage, fledgling hedge fund managers, registered investment advisory firms, and now I am completely independent and objective. I have seen it all and have had exposure to almost every tool or investment product that exists out there. I don’t say this to brag by any means. There are probably far smarter and better experts (as they...

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Are Bonds Giving You the Blues?

Fred Smids

The “Bond Blues” are beginning to show their ugly faces. Your supposedly safe investments are now showing losses, and if certain bond issuers don’t reorganize their affairs, they could possibly default. What do you do? Where else can you get favorable tax treatment on your money and a decent rate of return with little or no risk? The answer is twofold. First, you wake up from your lazy portfolio slumber and take action, that’s what you do! You realize your bond’s real return. You need...

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Four Good Reasons to Buy an Annuity Now

Jerry Rubin

A first-class fixed indexed annuity puts you in position to collect a pension-like income, guaranteed to continue for as long as you and your spouse are alive. These annuities allow you to profit from the stock and commodities markets with no risk. This type of annuity simply uses financial market indexes, like the S&P 500, as outside reference points to determine your interest. Whenever the market (index) goes up, you make money; whenever it goes down, since your money is never invested or at risk...

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Annuities 101

Steven Aul

I cannot count the times that I have sat down with a couple and asked what they would like to have in their retirement portfolio, and they tell me they want to have guaranteed income they cannot outlive, maintain their principal with little or no risk, and be able to participate in the market when it increases. They get excited when I reveal that there are tools that meet these requests, but when I mention the word “annuity,” they grow horns. I believe this negative...

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To Annuity or Not to Annuity? That is The Question.

Fortunato Puleo

In today’s fast-paced world and economy we need to be sure of the financial steps we take, after all, it could mean the difference between enjoying retirement without worry, cutting back on your lifestyle, or worse yet, going back to work. 3 Reasons to Annuity or Not to Annuity If you are ok with market fluctuations and you truly have a sense of peace that the stock market will never go down again, then you should not put your money in an annuity. You see,...

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How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Funding Annuities

Kevin Gilmartin

So, you have decided to purchase an annuity. Remember that most fixed annuities only provide annual statements – do not wait a whole year to find out if you have been scammed! The Latin statement caveat emptor, “Let the buyer beware,” has never been more appropriate. No one wants to lose his or her retirement savings to the likes of Bernie Madoff, or be the poster child for shows like “American Greed: Scams, Schemes, and Broken Dreams.” Be knowledgeable about where your funds are going....

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Fixed Index Annuities – Protect Your ‘Safe’ Money!

Anton Hendler

Against a background of more and more talk of another market correction, we thought it a good time to revisit the role that Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs) play in one’s overall retirement strategy. Essentially you have your safe money-that is money that you want to protect and on which you never want to take a loss, and then you have ‘risk’ money-that is money that you are prepared to place at risk in return for promise of greater returns. As always, there is risk vs....

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21st Century Retirement Planning Equals Social Security, Pensions, 401ks and Annuities

Ryan Allor

Retirement in the 1960s almost always consisted of your Social Security and your savings. About 90% of people working used this method to fund their retirement years, and most families only had one wage-earner to draw Social Security, so the decision of when to start taking it was an easy one – most of the time, when you stopped working. To keep their best talent, many companies in the 1970s offered monthly pensions to their employees upon retirement. It was at the company’s expense to...

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Is An Annuity Like A Pension?

Ron Tetley

The decline of traditional pensions and steady erosion of Social Security benefits has started to leave most retirees without a source of guaranteed lifetime income. Plugging that hole is emerging as the most important retirement issue of our day. According to a Black Rock retirement survey, 77% of retirees wish they had locked in a guaranteed income stream when they retired, and 86% say their employer should have helped them arrange one. When the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) was enacted, it...

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