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Social Security

Why the Social Security Administration Can’t Help You With Your Benefits

Sam Liang

The Social Security Administration (SSA) can’t help you with your Social Security benefits. That sounds funny, I know, but they can’t. What I mean is that they can’t help you put a plan in place to maximize your benefits. An article in last year’s Wall Street Journal said it best: “The Social Security isn’t your financial advisor.”1 Everyday, 182,000 people visit an SSA office. They field 445,000 phone calls daily. In 2014, they received 17 million applications just for new and replacement cards. 59 million...

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The Importance of a Solid Plan for Income During Retirement

Brian Jones

For most of us, it’s very important to have an income or some type of cash flow during retirement, especially if you want to enjoy your retirement years. But how do you plan for this income and where does it come from? For most of us, Social Security is the first source that comes to mind. Yes, I do believe Social Security will be around in some form or fashion for most of us as one of our retirement income sources. If you are one...

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21st Century Retirement Planning Equals Social Security, Pensions, 401ks and Annuities

Ryan Allor

Retirement in the 1960s almost always consisted of your Social Security and your savings. About 90% of people working used this method to fund their retirement years, and most families only had one wage-earner to draw Social Security, so the decision of when to start taking it was an easy one – most of the time, when you stopped working. To keep their best talent, many companies in the 1970s offered monthly pensions to their employees upon retirement. It was at the company’s expense to...

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How to Reduce or Eliminate Taxation on Social Security Benefits

Chad Centorbi

Most people are unaware their social security benefits can be taxed. Maybe it’s because they don’t think about it; they think they’re too young or they just don’t fully understand the effect of these taxes. Fortunately through proper retirement distribution planning either some or all of these taxes can be eliminated based on a person’s situation. But first, let’s discuss social security benefits. Interestingly enough, there are currently more than 1,000 different ways for married couples to draw these benefits. This number sounds overwhelming and...

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