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Withdrawal Charges

RMDs — Required Maximum Destruction!

Sam Liang

I know — RMDs don’t actually stand for that. They stand for Required Minimum Distributions. Many over age 70 ½ know what they are — it’s when the IRS requires you to take a withdrawal from your IRA accounts then are taxed on it. RMDs are calculated by dividing the total balance of your IRAs, employer sponsored plans (401k, 403b, etc.), and IRA based plans (SEP, Simple IRA, etc.) at the end of the previous year by the distribution period that correlates with your current...

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A Simple Guide to the Top 10 Index Annuity Product Factors

Keith L. Collins

Offering long term benefits that ensure you have a steady flow of income, indexed annuity products can be the difference, for some, between a relaxing and a stressful life. With a multitude of indexed annuity products available today, we understand that it can be difficult making the right choice. With plenty of numbers, calculations and clauses, selecting a product is rarely a simple task. However, we hope to make it simpler by offering a breakdown of the top 10 factors existent in almost any indexed...

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