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How to Never Lose Your Money: A Guide to Fixed Indexed Annuities

Barbara Halperin

Believe it or not, Tony Robbins, motivational guru, has joined the ranks of advisors offering fixed indexed annuities to the American public. He realizes that people in the United States today find value in the benefits that a fixed indexed annuity provides. What other investment can protect you from market risk while simultaneously producing tremendous streams of income guaranteed to last you for life, and also the lifetime of your spouse? There is no other product offered today that can do what a fixed indexed annuity can. Annuities can help you:

  • Achieve greater growth potential and protect your purchasing power.
  • Protect your income, no matter what happens with interest rates.
  • Provide predictable income during retirement, no matter how many years it lasts.
  • Lock in the gains you have earned, protect against future losses, and create guaranteed lifetime income.
  • Some of these products include an income doubler, which will take effect if either you or your spouse has a long-term care event.

Fixed indexed annuities are designed to guarantee income, offer peace of mind, and provide protection. Their main goal is to protect people from losing their money. One of my clients renamed his fixed indexed annuity “sleep insurance” because of the peace of mind it offered both he and his wife. In a world of unknowns, knowing you will have a paycheck coming in each and every month, no matter what, for as long as you live, can provide that kind of peace of mind for both you and your family.

It used to be that American workers were provided a monthly income from corporate defined benefit retirement plans. Because of this, a lot of Americans knew very little about fixed indexed annuities. Today, with baby boomers retiring in masses and looking for guaranteed income, annuities are beginning to gain a lot more popularity. There is a lot more talk about these products today. Whether from lawmakers on Capitol Hill discussing the merits of the Security Throughout Retirement Act, or the treasury department issuing the final version of the Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract, it is clear that fixed indexed annuities are a product that today’s public wants and needs.

Other important features of fixed indexed annuities that I find are important to my clients are:

  • Deposits remain entirely in your control – you are not giving up access to your cash.
  • These investments offer the potential for significantly higher annual returns than other “safe money” solutions such as CDs or bonds.
  • Your principal and your gains are 100% guaranteed – you can’t lose money.
  • FIA growth is tax-deferred, maximizing compound growth of your retirement income fund.
  • If you choose to have an income rider, your income is guaranteed for life.

Fixed indexed annuities are all about INCOME. This is an investment that has the ability to protect principal, while at the same time provide a guaranteed lifetime income stream, not to mention the tax-efficiency as well as the upside potential this product provides without the downside risk.

There is no other place to put your money today that can provide all the benefits and do all the things that a fixed indexed annuity can do as efficiently as this product. Have your advisor create a simple and effective five-step action plan where you can learn how to:

  • Protect your retirement plans from heavy, excessive, and most importantly, unnecessary taxation;
  • Tap into these funds for emergency cash without penalty;
  • Transfer assets and provide income to loved ones, keeping money in your family;
  • Take advantage of the latest tax laws to best distribute, rollover, withdraw and secure your IRA, 401(k) or similar retirement plan;
  • Provide flexibility for beneficiaries based on their income needs, and protect your nest egg from the ravages of market losses and achieve excellent returns.

A fixed indexed annuity works well in using a multigenerational approach to asset protection. Many of our clients count their qualified retirement plan as one of their greatest assets. This is why decisions made about the distribution period of this asset can be more important to the success of your retirement plan than the contribution period. A multigenerational approach used for your retirement plan will allow for a much longer time period of tax deferral and compounding of earnings. Depending on the ages of your beneficiaries, a multigenerational plan can grow to many times the balance that was originally inherited. When we utilize a fixed indexed annuity with a multigenerational approach, our clients are able to create financial security not only for themselves, but also for their children, grandchildren, and other loved ones.

About the Author:

Barbara is a former first grade teacher and Northwestern University graduate. Since 1997, she has built a following of loyal clients who rely on her expertise to lower their taxable incomes and build their financial resources. She has used her exceptional experience to provide personalized services. Retirement plans are a foundation for success and she adopts a conservative financial strategy designed to deliver value over the long-term. With an established and proven record of performance, she has helped individuals and large companies create robust retirement plans. Barbara firmly believes that each client is unique and utilizes an individualized approach in her financial planning services.

Barbara understands the complex needs of clients in the areas of asset management, retirement distribution planning and wealth protection. She can help you understand what you need to know to secure your future and the future of your loved ones. Key benefits offered by her office include: retirement distribution planning, tax planning, estate tax analysis, wealth distribution analysis, qualified plan distribution analysis, annuity strategies, and a comprehensive retirement roadmap. Let her help you create and grow wealth, protect and preserve your life savings and plan for a life legacy.

Barbara’s office is located in Lincolnshire, IL. You can reach her at 847.945.7199 or emailing her at


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  • Burt Silver says:

    I didn’t realize that a fixed indexed annuity could help protect your income regardless of the interest rates. My wife and I have been hoping to find some guaranteed income to keep us safe through the next few decades. This could be a great option for us, I will have to check it out some more.

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