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How Can I Be Sure My Assets I Leave Behind Go To My Loved Ones?

John CasaSanta

During our careers the emphasis on retirement planning shifts many times.  When we begin our working careers the emphasis is on purchasing that first home.  The focus turns to our family and making sure our children have all of the essentials needed as they are raised.  During this time we are aware that someday we want to retire.  We focus on setting enough back to match what our employer is placing in the work 401K plan.  When we receive a raise or bonus often times we sneak a few extra dollars into that retirement account.  As our children mature and they begin to attend college or become independent an alarm goes off and all of a sudden the focus on saving for retirement is glaring.  Unless we have been very successful when we hit our 50s, reality sits in and all of a sudden there is ten- fifteen years until we retire. We do some research or ask a friend if they know someone who can assist them in creating a retirement plan.  The Financial Service representative place you on a path to retirement and you follow it step by step.  The day comes for you to retire and the assets you need are in place.  You have peace of mind knowing that you worked hard and that your goal has been accomplished.

Over the years I have assisted people down this type of path and have been fortunate to congratulate them at the end of their career.  While were working hard to raise our families and pushing to accomplish our retirement goals one key element in retirement planning is over looked.  The element that is neglected is how will my assets be distributed when I pass on.  Surveys indicate that 60% of Americans do not have a Last Will N Testament.  A Personal Will is a legal document that allows you to decide who gets what you leave behind.  In North Carolina, if a person dies without a Personal Will the court will decide how your belongings are distributed and appoint someone on your behalf.  There is no guarantee that the court will pick the same person you would.   By creating a Will you can determine a personnel representative to settle your Estate.  You do not have to be retired or close to retirement to establish a Will.  Anyone who is over the age of 18 and has children should consider a Will.  Another benefit of a Will is that anyone who has minor children can advise the court who would be their child’s legal guardian if an unexpected death would occur.  Establishing this important document is not only part of a successful retirement plan but a tool to have in place if the unexpected would happen.

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About the Author:

John CasaSanta has been protecting families’ assets and providing life/health insurance for 21 years. CasaSanta Financial Services was established in 2003 with the sole purpose of assisting families in reaching their financial goals.

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