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Is Early Retirement Without a Fortune Possible?

Retirement EducationFor the many who have realized lackluster returns in the volatile stock market over the past 10 decade, the thought of retirement brings feelings of anxiety due to worries of having enough money to have a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Financial experts often recommend that workers postpone retirement as wages stagnate, 401(k) portfolios underperform, and pension plans are mostly a thing of the past. However, some people have discovered that the anxiety can be alleviated with a bit of careful planning and dedication.

In an article posted by Michael Foster on that was just featured on Yahoo, four people who managed early retirement at ages ranging from 33 to 52 are profiled. None of these early retirees had the advantages of family fortune or lottery jackpot to support them. Instead, they learned the importance of patient savings and diligent cost-cutting while ignoring risky bets and avoiding trendy get-rich-quick schemes. If interested, please read the article (linked here) for the specifics.

Retirement Education


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