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Life’s Example Of How Retirement Income Is Done

From the desk of Wayne N. Schwartz, RFC            

Relevance age 30-52

Think of it this way: The money you put away today (this year) for retirement tomorrow (30 years away) will be used one time in the future.


If you are 35 years old and save $500 per month ($6,000 per year), this money has a probability of growing to $48,000 * in 30 years which will then be used for ONE YEAR OF RETIREMENT INCOME.  One year of savings is needed for one year of retirement income!

So…if you save for only one year you will only have enough money to retire for one year.

Learning this one secret of a successful retirement plan will start you on the path to financial freedom.

Remember..You can run but you cannot hide from..RETIREMENT

* Rule of 72 says that you divide the rate of return into 72 to determine the approximate time that money will double. 72/7 is approximately 10. 30 years to retirement is 3, 10 year periods of money doubling.  $6,000 x 2 = $12,000 x 2 = $24,000 x 2 = $48,000.

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