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Stern Advice: Countdown to Retirement

Retirement EducationKnown as both “the red zone” and “the transitional phase”, the 5 years prior to retirement is an important time in an individual’s life. This phase can be tedious and cause anxiety, but an article posted by Linda Stern highlights some important things to consider early in your planning phase to ensure that the stress and strain is kept at a minimum. Here are the titles of the guidelines that she presents.

  1. Get Specific about life planning
  2. Become a Social Security savant
  3. Do a health-care plan
  4. Take inventory of all of your assets
  5. Study taxes, too
  6. Get real numbers – from employer and Social Security Administration
  7. Organize your debts
  8. Think about getting help
  9. Survey retirement services
  10. Line up your next gig
  11. Start doing lifestyle experiments

For details into any of these guidelines, please read the full article linked here.

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