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Crediting Options for Index Annuities Explained

Howard Hafetz

The Indexed Annuity market is very convoluted and voluminous. As mentioned in a previous article (Goldilocks Syndrome), the insurance companies design them to have something unique, so to differentiate themselves from other products in the market. By definition, they are challenging to understand, but once you get the basics down, you will find them to be much simpler than you would expect.  The term “Indexed”, refers to market indexes, and they could be stock market or bond markets, US or International markets, precious metals markets,...

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Will I Pay Taxes If I Exchange My Annuity For A Better One?

James D. Kersey

In my 33 year career, my clients have always been inquisitive of the tax consequences of moving money from one account to another. As we review current and prospective clients’ annuity contracts and they come to realize that there may be a better solution, they all seem to want to know the answer to that all important question of “Will I pay taxes if I exchange my annuity for a better one?” My answer is always the same: “No!”  Even though the IRS always seems...

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