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Using Annuities As An Alternative To The 60/40/4 Rule

John P. Grimes

Not sure what the 60/40/4 rule is? My guess is you probably do know. If you’ve worked with a financial advisor to help you plan for retirement or read any number of financial publications or googled ‘retirement strategies’ then you’ve seen some form of this rule of thumb for a secure stream of retirement income. Basically, if you have 60% of your retirement funds in stocks, 40% in Bonds and withdraw 4% per year then historically your retirement nest egg should last as long as...

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Fixed Annuity Income Riders: The Goldilocks Syndrome

Howard Hafetz

In regard to “GUARANTEED INCOME RIDERS”*, the explanations of how they work fall into the “Goldilocks Syndrome”. In some cases, not nearly enough information, in others, much too much! Some authors feel the need to explain “actuarial reasoning”, others, do what typically inexperienced advisors do, “tell clients what they want to hear”. Too hot, too cold….. not “just right”! I am going to try to do just that, tell it like “Goldilocks” would! The reason these riders were created was to enable clients to have...

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