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The Baby Boomer And Retirement Income Specialist Matching Service Goes Active In Pennsylvania

Retirement EducationThe first free online matching service designed to help baby boomers find retirement income specialists in their local communities is now active throughout Pennsylvania. Annuity123, the online retirement income educational portal, has opened their Annuity Harmony matching service for the benefit of all residents in Pennsylvania who are in need of retirement income education and planning guidance. This innovative online matching service is aimed to link retirees with retirement income specialists whose practice is in their local area.

Over 30 years ago Americans were forced by their employers to forego attractive and successful defined benefit pension plans for contribution 401k plans. At the time, the oldest baby boomers were new to the work force and had no way of knowing what lay ahead for them. Given the turbulent economy over the past decade, many baby boomers and soon to be retirees have not fully recovered from losses in their retirement plans and have anxiety about outliving their savings and income. Unfortunately, many of these soon to be retirees have not been able to achieve their desired savings target and do not have sound plan to comfortably retire at their desired time.

By first educating consumers, and then matching them up with experts in their area for further advice, Annuity123 hopes to make a positive impact within the retirement field. The Annuity123 designers found that there was no great system in place to make sure that all consumers, regardless of amount of personal assets, were able to be fully informed about how annuities can help address their retirement needs. On top of the complementary educational material posted on this website, Annuity123 provides an efficient venue for both researching and contacting a specialist within their respective cities when need of further clarification or guidance. Given the detailed educational material and the efficient specialist locator, this platform aims to help individuals and families throughout Pennsylvania have an anxiety-free retirement.


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