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How the War Over Your Money Can Hurt You

Matt Jackson

There is a war going on for your money, and you probably don’t even know it. Licensed stockbrokers, Wall Street, and big banks offering risky securities are fighting against insurance companies and banks offering principal-guaranteed products. These groups are as opposed to each other as Coke and Pepsi.

So, why the fighting? Why don’t stockbrokers tell you about the advantages of some of these principal-guaranteed products, like fixed indexed annuities (FIAs)? I believe it’s because of the reoccurring fees generated by the amount of money the investment companies manage. Reoccurring fees are the lifeblood of many individual brokers and companies.

Have you ever wondered why you’re told by folks on Wall Street to always be invested in the stock markets, even though you could lose everything? It may not be in your best interest to be invested in securities, but brokers and big banks do not want to lose the reoccurring fees they charge you every month.

Another reason your stockbroker many not mention the advantages of FIAs has to do with licensing. Some stockbrokers and investment firms are not licensed to sell insurance. Legally, they cannot offer fixed indexed annuities because they lack the proper licensing.

You may never be told about the advantages of FIAs by your broker or your bank. Often times, they have no incentive to educate, research, and offer you one of the nonvolatile, lower-cost, potentially most tax-efficient financial tools available. It’s against their interests. But FIAs can give you the opportunity to earn much better rates of returns than certificates of deposits, bonds, and/or treasuries.

This means that you need to find out about FIAs for yourself or with the help of a properly licensed professional.

First, your principal is guaranteed and cannot suffer losses in the stock markets.

Second, there are no-cost or low-cost fees associated with fixed indexed annuities. The less money you pay in management fees, 12b-1 fees, expense ratios, etc., the more money you get to keep and use for your retirement.

Third, new generations of FIAs may offer uncapped growth linked to the performance of an index.

Last, earned index returns can be credited annually and, in many cases, locked in year to year or every five years. These earned index returns can never be lost to the market. This secures your gains!

In many scenarios, asking your stockbroker about the advantages of FIAs is like going to your local Ford dealer and asking about the advantages of buying a Chevy. The salesperson will never tell you the benefits of buying from a competitor.

You can, however, find a qualified and properly licensed professional in your area for more information. I recommend finding a professional who is licensed as a fiduciary-based Series 65 Investment Advisor Representative and also holds a current insurance license.

Please note the application of surrender charges could result in a loss of principal, the minimum guaranteed return may be 0%, and any market-linked interest credits may be capped. Fixed-indexed annuities are not FDIC-insured. Guarantees are backed solely by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Investment Advisory Services offered through Royal Fund Management (RFM), a Registered Investment Advisor. Solid Wealth Advisors, LLC and RFM are not affiliated. Insurance and annuities offered through Matthew Jackson, CO Insurance License #120655.

About the Author:

Matthew Jackson, President and Founder of Solid Wealth Advisors, LLC, has been helping clients reach and meet their financial goals for over a decade. As a knowledgeable and experienced fiduciary-based, client-first financial advisor, Matthew uses a methodical and personal approach with his clients. He assists them with their financial goals by following decisions they make, and he creates retirement paths using tools and strategies that add strength and synergy to a comprehensive and complete plan. Solid Wealth Advisors is based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

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