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Retirement Planning

The Importance of a Solid Plan for Income During Retirement

Brian Jones

For most of us, it’s very important to have an income or some type of cash flow during retirement, especially if you want to enjoy your retirement years. But how do you plan for this income and where does it come from? For most of us, Social Security is the first source that comes to mind. Yes, I do believe Social Security will be around in some form or fashion for most of us as one of our retirement income sources. If you are one...

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6 Things to Consider When Buying an Annuity

Bryan Bentley

So, you are considering purchasing an annuity to help protect your retirement savings or to solve a concern that may not be easily addressed with other investment vehicles. Here are a few things to consider when making a decision about buying an annuity. 1. Surrender Charge Period Expressed in terms of years, the surrender charge defines how long your money must remain in the annuity before you have unrestricted access to it. With most annuities, a portion of your money is available penalty-free during the...

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Using Annuities to Combat Social Security Loss

Gary Mattson

If you have planned for retirement, then hopefully, you’ll be ready to enjoy a lifestyle with steady income that gives you enough every month to pay for your recurring bills, along with having the funds to enjoy travel, assist grandkids with education, delve into a hobby or start a new one, or anything else on your “bucket list”. As you’re enjoying the prospects of helping grandchildren and family members learn from your financial success, tragedy happens. A loved one passes, leaving you alone and worried,...

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What Annuity Is Right For The Client?

Robbin Broome

During the last two decades, seniors have experienced a roller coaster financial market. Products are constantly changing, and I am always informing clients about some policy variation. Volatility seems to be the wave of the future. With all this said, what should you look for in an annuity? After all, it is your financial future in question. Individuals need to ask themselves a few questions before purchasing any product in today’s environment. For instance: What are my goals for my money? Am I going to...

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Why Long-Term Care Insurance?

Ronald Dukes

Eldercare has replaced childcare as the number one work place concern.[1] Long-term care planning is an extremely important part of financial planning as it applies to retirement planning as well as estate preservation planning. Many individuals specialize in long-term care insurance, and stress the importance long-term care insurance. These “specialists” usually work for two to six insurance companies that sell long-term care policies. The problem is that sometimes they don’t understand the big picture, and therefore, can miss the opportunity of giving a retiree the...

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The Power of Locking in Your Gains

Dave Mortach

When obtaining any type of financial vehicle, there is typically some type of risk-return tradeoff. For instance, in today’s low interest rate environment, it’s tough to obtain the growth that you need, yet it’s important to also play it safe in order to protect your principal. The fixed indexed annuity, or FIA, can provide a great solution for offering the potential for market-related growth, yet protection from downside risk. This can in turn help you to generate more retirement income down the road. Ensuring that...

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Longevity and Your Money

Craig Moser

Looking back at my father, I see someone who was entitled to two pensions and Social Security. As he put it, he “just got money in the mail.” Fast forwarding to present day, I work with folks who are or will be solely dependent on the money they have saved and their Social Security to drive their retirement income. So the question is, “How do you not outlive your money?” We work on average 40 years. During that time we buy homes, perhaps raise and...

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The Right Tools for Retirement: A Quick Guide about Annuities

John Hill

The question is not if annuities are good or bad. The question is what type of annuity works for your retirement. All tools exist for a purpose. Don`t use a hammer when you need a screwdriver. In this article, I will discuss the purpose of annuities, specifically fixed and fixed indexes annuities. By the end of this discussion, I will outline some of the questions surrounding annuities and why annuities are the right tool for your retirement. Question 1- How much money should I risk?...

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The New Age Annuities…

Charisse Smith

If you are embarking into the annuity world for the first time it is like being lost adrift in the movie “Water World.” You are wandering in a sea of never ending questions. Folks that have been in annuities for years still don’t understand them. There are fixed annuities, immediate annuities, variable annuities, and index annuities with caps. All of these are quite complex, especially if you have received your first annual statement and you only made 3 percent. Annuities have changed immensely from the...

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The Herd Investment Philosophy

Jim Fox

When I was 23 years old, my employer decided to change their pension retirement system to a 401k. I received the letter from Human Resources instructing me to attend the meeting with the financial advisors who were going to help me set up my new 401k. I was excited that I was finally well on my way to financial independence and that after this meeting, I would have all the tools to become the first millionaire in my family. Being a naive young man fresh...

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