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Jerry Rogers

Jerry Rogers

Jerry Rogers is President of Rogers Tax Advisory Group located in Charleston, SC. In his role of Personal Financial Trainer, has been assisting families for over 28 years.  Mr. Rogers started his career as an Account Executive at a full service investment brokerage firm and later moved into advising individuals as a Personal Financial Officer at a local savings bank.  He started his own independent Investment Advisory firm in 1988.  Jerry has published articles on retirement investing in the Charleston Post and Courier and has been featured in the Dow Jones Investment Advisor magazine.  Over 50,000 people have heard him on “WTMZ’s Senior Moment”.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the issues facing most families: finding the best way to put your hard earned money to work, understanding how much you need to save for retirement, paying for college education, the best way to declare for Social Security benefits, how to properly fund your 401k, etc.,etc.,etc. I CAN HELP! Call me at (843) 552-5444 or send an email to:

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