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CasaSanta Financial Services Announces Latest Retirement Educational Website

CasaSanta Financial Services, in conjunction with Annuity123, reveals the latest educational website for baby boomers and retirees in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. The two educational forces have joined to bring current and unbiased retirement research for Charlotte families and retirees.


John CasaSanta, President of CasaSanta Financial Services, announced his company’s latest retirement and financial educational website for Charlotte consumers. The new informative website contains retirement news feeds that are updated daily along with financial calculators, a tax center, and retirement white papers. All of the content is free and downloadable without requesting any information of the consumer. The new website will be the featured site this month on Annuity123.

There will be approximately 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day for the next decade that will be seeking financial education they can trust. Furthermore, due to the lack of baby boomers who will benefit from pensions like their parents, the need for lifetime income guarantees will be crucial. CasaSanta Financial Services joint venture with Annuity123 aims to be the one stop shop for financial and retirement education for Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

About CasaSanta Financial Services

CasaSanta Financial Services specializes in preserving and protecting the personal assets of the families they represent. We are dedicated to providing safe, simple, and effective solutions, which will help our clients with both short and long term goals. CasaSanta Financial Services is an independent financial services firm, started in October of 2003. Representing all of the major Financial Services companies including Allianz, North American, Genworth, United Health Care, American General, and American Equity, giving us the flexibility to help of each of our clients achieve their goals and objectives. Along with our no fee consultations, our strategic partnership with Legacy Estate Services allows us to provide our clients with high quality estate planning documents at a reduced rate.

About Annuity123

Annuity123 was created to educate consumers across the country about methods to contractually guarantee lifetime income. The fear of outliving your money doesn’t have to be a burden. Moreover, the purpose is not only to educate consumers about the importance of lifetime income and creating their own pension annuity, but to provide access to the best retirement income and annuity specialists in the country. By first educating consumers, and then matching them up with experts in their area for further advice, Annuity123 hopes to make a big impact in the retirement field.

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