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The Top 5 Pitfalls of Indexed Annuities and How to Avoid Them

Keith L. Collins

With a multitude of factors involved, indexed-annuity products can be rather complex for many people. While many specialists offer great advice, they rarely tell them about the pitfalls they can face with indexed-annuity products. That is why I intend to educate you with information about the top 5 pitfalls you may face when selecting indexed-annuity products. 1 – Investing in a Single Index As the name suggests, indexed annuity products allow you to link your account to a particular index. More often than not, many...

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Annuity Acronyms Explained (GLWB, GMAB, GMDB, and GMIB)

Rob Brinkman

Annuity Acronyms! How can you understand them all? GLWB, GMAB, GMDB, GMIB – what do they all stand for? This video will teach you exactly what each annuity acronym means and how it affects you. To begin, usually an acronym on an annuity refers to some type of annuity rider. And usually (like 99% of the time) a rider costs money. Meaning there is an annual fee to have the rider. So if you aren’t 100% sure you need the rider, don’t add it to...

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