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It’s About Time!

Richard Ericson

What TIME is it? How much TIME do you have until you retire? When is the best TIME to retire? One of my rules is, “on TIME or sooner.” My young son has inherited this trait too. I don’t know if that is positive or negative, but it’s about TIME!

The simple definition of time:  The regulation of occurrence, pace, or coordination to achieve a desired effect, as in music, the theater, athletics, or mechanics. Think about common references to time regarding your investments. When is the best TIME to retire?  Do my retirement accounts have enough TIME to grow? I know I don’t have TIME to recover from another major correction in the market. Do you?

Society today is in a hurry. Being busy can be a badge of honor. As busy as you are, it is TIME to take a brief moment, listen and understand, and by doing so, investors say, “That was TIME well spent,” and “It’s TIME for me to take action.”

When is the right time to protect a portion of your retirement income? The day before the market corrects. It’s like my dentist advised me, “You should get a crown on your tooth the day before that crack gets bigger. The TIME to do that is now! And, one of the ways to protect your money is in an equity-indexed annuity. The TIME is now to protect your retirement assets with annuities.  Further, be sure to evaluate an income rider on an annuity in order to protect your lifetime income stream results when you decide to annuitize.

Time is an important variable with your investments. With disciplined, strategic investing, a parent or grandparent can change a child’s future with the right investment. When I was 12 years old, my grandfather passed away and I received $1,000 of inheritance. That $1,000 helped me with a down payment on my first home many years later because my parents invested that money properly.

As a person gets closer to retirement, typically there is no TIME for loss. Recovery from a falling and unstable market may take years. Statistics and history show that it takes about seven years for an investment to get right back to where it began after a major correction (2001, 2008).

The first thing you need to do to maximize the proper timing of your investment is to have a plan! Taking time to see where you are and where you want to be, and communicating that plan is the first step to executing that plan. Each financial plan that is set up is designed for your needs and your assets, at your specific timing. Now is the time to act. Be proactive. The TIME is NOW!

It’s about time.

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About the Author:

Richard Ericson was born and raised in Salt Lake City, played quarterback for Weber State University and coached football at the Division One level for 10 years at Weber State and Utah State Universities as offensive coordinator. He now coaches individuals on how to invest safely in their retirement plans. He has had his own radio program and was featured in Fox Business News emphasizing risk-free investments. Rich’s expertise is working with business owners utilizing advanced tax strategies to reduce risk and build tax-favored and tax-free wealth. Rich received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and his Master’s Degree in Education from Weber State University. He is currently licensed to sell Property & Casualty, Life and Health insurance, as well as annuities. With his expertise in analyzing risk, Rich is well qualified to help individuals evaluate their opportunities to reduce tax, legal, and market risk.

Richard strongly believes that money which grows consistently and without risk is the safest investment for his clients’ retirement income. “Playing the ‘Wall Street Game’ with your sacred money is a sure way to run out of money when you need it the most,” warns Rich. He further states, “If you want to play the stock market game with 30-40% of your wealth, that’s fine, as long as you have enough money in safe, guaranteed investments to meet your retirement goals.”

He can be reached at (303) 749-5853 or


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