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Pros and Cons of Annuities – By Annuity Type

Rob Brinkman

Have you been sold or “pitched” an annuity and you have no idea if it is the right kind of annuity for your specific needs?  As you hopefully know, there are numerous types of annuities that are designed to address a specific risk or groups of risks that many retirees face.   A set of pros and cons for one annuity type is often completely different when analyzing benefits and features of other types.

Education is key, and the video below does a great job in teaching the core pros and cons for different annuity types.  Below is a list of topics covered along with the time marks for each section:

  • Key Risks That Annuities Target [starting at the 40 second mark]
    • Interest Rate Risk
    • Business Risk (Unsystematic Risk)
    • Inflation Risk
    • Market Risk (Systematic Risk)
    • Mortality Risk (Life Longevity Risk)
  • Core Types of Annuities
    • Fixed Annuity [6:38]
    • Variable Annuity [7:40]
    • Index Annuity [9:00]
  • Risk Assessment for Each Annuity Type
    • Fixed Annuity [11:30]
    • Variable Annuity [12:22]
    • Index Annuity [13:11]

Click anywhere in the box below to watch the educational video (full screen icon is in the bottom right corner).

To learn more from this annuity professional, click here (Rob Brinkman).

About the Author:

Rob Brinkman began his investment career in 1987, one month after the infamous October stock market crash.  “In the wake of that kind of financial devastation, one learns the importance of a conservative approach to money management”, Rob was quoted in the local Texas newspaper that next week.

Over the past 26 years Rob has become one of the industry’s most respected advocates for conservative, safe investing.  As an executive for one of the country’s largest investment/insurance firms, Rob designed and implemented annuity platforms for clients such as Merrill Lynch, Raymond James and UBS.  In his private practice, Rob works with individuals who are in or nearing retirement, assisting them in asset preservation and income generation.  His ‘white board’ educational videos have become the internet standard for both basic understanding of investment fundamentals, as well as advanced investment strategies.

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