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Survey Results: Annuity Owners Have Highest Retirement Confidence

Retirement EducationClear evidence of increased confidence in the retirement health of annuity owners was revealed in a recent survey. The survey, which was conducted by the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI), focused on Americans aged 50 to 66. Their findings show that 53% of baby boomers who own an annuity are extremely or very confident that they will have enough money for retirement compared to 31% who do not own an annuity. Further, their report shows that annuity owners are more likely to engage in positive retirement planning behaviors. For example, 70% of baby boomers who own an annuity have completed a retirement savings need calculation.

Given the clear evidence to allowing for its owners to display a higher comfort in their retirement plan, please be sure to learn about annuities in order to see if they can be a good fit for you. In doing so, please be sure to speak with retirement planning specialists in order to get expert advice.

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