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Top 10 Countries to Retire in Style

Retirement EducationAlthough a vast majority of retirees could not fathom moving away from friends and family for their retirement, there are some great savings available to those with an adventurous mindset. Fortunately, the numbers were recently crunched by International Living and Jason Notte posted an article titled 10 Countries Where Retirees Live Large. Their research accounted for the price of staple items and even included the cost in staying in touch with family/friends left behind. Also, they factored in the locals’ overall friendliness toward Americans. The following countries scored the highest:

1. Panama

2. Mexico

3. Malaysia

4. Columbia

5. New Zealand

6. Nicaragua

7. Spain

8. Thailand

9. Honduras

10. Ecuador

To see the reasons for their high scores, please read the full article linked here.

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