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Use Google to Find Retirement Advisors to Educate You

Written By: Jeremy Smith | Amerishield

Just as you go to doctors for expert medical advice, shouldn’t you go to retirement and insurance advisors for their expert advice?  With increased use of the internet however, many people are using the internet to get their retirement advice instead of finding retirement experts to educate them.

For instance, maybe you’ve used Google to read up on fixed indexed annuities.  You might have read horror stories about this and that because the internet is filled with them from media sources, traditional dyed in the wool mindsets, or just plain out-right misinformation. Hopefully you’ve not settled for these negative opinions and kept searching for appropriate education.  If so you probably found sites like:

These sites are filled with educational information providing honest and factual information on annuities.  More importantly, these sites can also direct you to an advisor in your area who can provide you the one-on-one education you need for your specific situation based upon your personal goals.

You may have come across some of these distortions on fixed indexed annuities that I’ve talked about in my previous articles.

  1. “If I buy an annuity, I will lose control of my money.” Some people believe that when they buy an annuity, they think that they are handing over their money and will never see it again.  Now while these types of annuities still exist, they by far are not the most common annuities available today to protect your hard earned retirement savings.  With a fixed indexed annuity.  You remain in control of your money throughout the contract and access to it at all times.
  2. “Annuities aren’t tax efficient.” Fixed indexed annuities are tax deferred while the money is held in the annuity.  While it is held within the annuity it is earning something called “triple compounding;” interest on your principle, interest on your interest, and interest on your tax savings because your annuity grows tax deferred in the contract.
  3. “That percentage of interest on my annuity is not possible.” More often than not a client will tell me that the annuity we are discussing “sounds too good to be true”. However, once we really look at the illustration, have an honest discussion about what they want their savings to do for them, and the guarantees of the annuity, our clients are pleased with the indexed annuity.

*Jeremy Smith is a Featured Advisor with About Annuity and Annuity123. AmeriShield agents discuss your complete insurance and risk tolerance as well as your goals for retirement and what you plan for your insurance products to do for you and your family before we discuss any products with you.   We fully educate you on the differences in the types of fixed and indexed annuities that meet your specific situation and offer you “The Power of Choice” to achieve your goals.

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