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Clif Albino, CHFC of Albino & Associates Joins the Annuity 123 Network of Retirement Income Advisors

Annuity 123 is excited and honored to report that Clif Albino has joined its network of retirement income advisors for the benefit of consumers in Southeast Wisconsin who are in need of obtaining personalized retirement income guidance. Please see below for an overview of Clif Albino’s practice.

Company Name: Albino & Associates

Brief Business Description:

As A Chartered Financial Consultant with 25 years of experience, I design tax-free retirement plans that have less expense than mutual funds, better returns than the S & P 500 and income 25% to 40% greater than a 401K. My goal is to get you as close to the 0% tax bracket as possible.

Is the fear of higher taxes keeping you up at night? Are you worried about losing principle and outliving your money? Is inflation a concern? If so, we need to talk and solve these problems.

Contact me so I can release you from worry and secure a comfortable future. Knowledge in this area is financial freedom.

Click here (retirement planner Waukesha WI) or watch the video below to meet Clif.


Phone Number: 262-893-9853

E-mail Address:

Business Address: 19600 W. Cleveland Ave. New Berlin, WI 53146

Client Testimonials:

“Great financial planner, Clif attends to his clients’ need in a timely and thorough fashion. He has been our family’s financial planner for a number of years and I could not be more satisfied.” John Pellmann, Attorney at Law of Pellmann, Drellos & Associates

“Clif is a man who thinks ahead of his time. He introduced me to solutions that many industry experts claimed to be costly and ineffective products. Today, many of those same experts are praising the same products. I made the right decision with Clif then and I am happy with the decision now.”Gary Beier, Vice President of The Foundation of the Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers Association

“I appreciate all the time Clif spends with me at my convenience to educate me and assure my comfort level before putting any plans in place. Everything he does is logical and makes sense to me. It is great not having to worry.” John Befus, President of Standard Express Trucking

Interests/Hobbies: Diving, Pole Vaulting, Track & Field

Favorite Books: Tax Free Retirement by Patrick Kelly, Savior Retirement by Joe Simonds, Last Chance Retirement by Brett A. Anderson

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