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Survey Results: Annuities Considered Critical to Retirement Strategy by Investors in 2012

Retirement EducationA recent survey has shown that a much greater percentage of investors consider annuities to be a critical part of a retirement strategy in 2012 compared to the same survey in 2011. This survey is titled “The Evolution of the Annuity Industry”, and it was produced by Cogent Research and Insured Retirement Institute with a core goal to examine the opinions and preferences of annuity producers and investors.

In this most recent survey, 73% of the annuity owners stated that they are more likely than not to agree that annuities are a critical part of a retirement strategy (only 55% states that last year). The responses from non-annuity owners also rose given that 17% said that annuities are critical to retirement in this 2012 survey compared to that of 2011 in which only 8% made this claim.

This report also notes that the top reason for purchasing annuities among this focus group was given their ability to secure a guaranteed lifetime income. Other common top reasons stated include advisor-recommended, tax deferral, principal protection, and inflation protection. Given the diverse benefits of annuities, it is essential to consult with an annuity specialist for ensuring that you get the optimal product for your particular needs. Please be sure to seek out expert guidance.

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